About Us

About Us


We help low-income students develop their reading and digital literacy skills to unlock a better future.

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We envision a country where every child can harness the power of reading and technology to transform their lives.

About LITE

The Literature and Information Technology Enrichment Foundation (LITE) is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) organization that is passionate about helping children from low-income families reach their highest potential through literacy and technology.

Learning to read is a transformative experience that opens the world to a young child. Children who experience low literacy become young adults who face narrow employment choices, are at risk for delinquency and are more likely to remain in poverty.

Our approach is to provide, train and award.

We provide books and digital tools to students in need through community centers, churches, libraries, and classrooms.

We train students to achieve proficiency in using computers, digital tools, and standard software.

We award scholarships to students to help them participate in educational experiences that enhance learning and enable them to meet their academic goals.

The LITE Foundation upholds the core principle that every child has a right to an education, and to the opportunity to change her circumstances.

We are a tiny army tackling a big problem, but just changing one life is a victory.

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